Sunday, January 24, 2010

Question #36

How much of what you believe are actually your beliefs and not someone else’s?


Roma said...

Over the years I've discovered my own truths about religion and politics.

It took years to undo all the religious indoctrination I was subjected to when I was young—no one ever asked my my opinion on the nature of God and the purpose of God's more well-known prophets (Jesus).

It took quite a while to separate my thoughts of how the country should be run from other conservative thinkers. Fortunately, since the early part of the century I paid a lot of attention to what our national leaders were saying and doing, and it shifted my perspective completely.

ramesam said...

But is there a separate "you" there other than that set of "beliefs"?

"You" are "your beliefs".

Jeanette said...

Great question!

Answer: probably not as many as I'd like to think.

Thanks for the powerful inquiry. :)