Sunday, May 31, 2009

Question #2

What are you grateful for?


Sandra said...

It's a long list! Top 3? Health. Family & Friends. Cats.

But those are so obvious, so now, the Random 3:

beautiful stationery
gel pens
ethereal photography

anno said...

today I am grateful for 3 mary's. my sister mary sue in virginia, my bff mary from grade school, in texas and my newfound highschool friend mary, in boston.. all of whom have been just the mary I needed numerous times these last couple weeks, and will continue to do so I'm certain, in the weeks to come.

Roma said...

In this moment, I am grateful for...

Paul being home for a long stretch—3 weeks!
How my niece, Natalie, remembers the smallest details
My healthy houseplants
Krishna Das
Blockbuster sending DVDs to my house
"The Week" magazine
My parents still being around to celebrate their 56th anniversary this week
My brother-in-law's willingness to help at the drop of a hat
Having 3 excellent grocery stores in this small town
My composting worms still being alive and eating my garbage
Alton Brown's recipes
Being able to finally wear summer clothes
The anticipation of visiting two National Parks in a few weeks

anno said...

today I'm grateful to quiznos for making the delicious cobb salad I had for dinner, and to mary sue for for coming tomorrow to shepherd me through a difficult appointment.

ShannonMoira said...

what am I grateful for right now?...
I am grateful to have a caring, sensitive husband who understands, "gets" me.
- my netflix
- living in the country, where Aaron & our dogs & I can enjoy sitting outside and taking in nature around us with no distractions, traffic, noise etc.
- my relatives, friends, loved ones
- my health
- my dogs
- being able to shop for my favorite things online
- the fact that it's summer
- having the fourth of July in Walhalla to look forward to
- creating new recipes together with my husband as a prep cook
- life

anno said...

today I am grateful again for my sister.. and for having someone to go out to dinner with, and for mexican food.