Monday, June 8, 2009

Question #3

What makes you laugh...and do you get enough of that?


Roma said...

Jon Stewart and all The Daily Show "correspondents"
Listening to Wanda Sykes and Chris Rock
My niece, Natalie, and the crazy way she looks at the world
Caroline's Italian greyhound, Rudy (he's one goofy-looking dog)
Martha Beck's articles and blogs
David Sedaris's books

And yes, I get enough of all of it, at different times. Not too much, or too little, since I have a variety of things that make me laugh: books, people, shows, dogs...

Sarah said...

Hero and Simcha - especially when they play Sumo wrestler.
Moki drinking out of the faucet
Swami Beyondananda
Catching myself thinking some thought that I totally don't believe anymore.
The ducks and geese at the park
Silly polls on Facebook

Unless I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe, I can probably use some more laughter.

Anonymous said...

My husband does this crazy laugh (It makes me think of Max Headroom, remember that from the 80s?) He looks so hilarious. It almost always brings me to my knees laughing EVERY time!

And my daughters—BOTH, do and say the funniest things...too many to explain!

And one more thing I can think of right now...Doing the Lion's roar in yoga!

ShannonMoira said...

Will Ferrell movies

My husband does this funny dance for me when he's in a weird mood, that he would NEVER do in front of anyone else...makes me laugh every time

Hugo and his crazy antics

My aunts, Hope & Haidee, when they're telling old stories and laugh so hard they start crying
Old SNL re-runs

"Friends", "Will & Grace", "Frasier"

My sister, Teirney, when she's tipsy

Roma said...

Yep, Tipsy Teirney makes me laugh, too! And honestly, I probably don't get enough of that.