Sunday, June 14, 2009

Question #4

Do you have any WIGs (Wildly Improbable Goals)? If so, what are they?


anno said...

yeah. I'd like to own a (successful!) yarn shop.. with a big cozy sitting area for sitting and knitting, and a small starbucks incorporated!

wildly improbable.

Roma said...


Have a (formal) dinner at the White House.

ShannonMoira said...

I would love to go to culinary school and open a restaurant, preferably with a group of others who have the same interest. I'd also like to have the restaurant display local artist's artwork/paintings (including my own).

Roma said...

A few other WIGs:

1. Go into outer space
2. Own a small Kona coffee "plantation"
3. Have a retreat center on the "plantation" and offer life coaching, yoga, and The Work