Sunday, June 21, 2009

Question #5

What makes you feel optimistic about the future?


Roma said...

Advances in medicine.
Advances in corrective eye surgery.
Visionaries at Apple.
A sense that there is a move away from organized religion and a move toward spirituality.
More options in "alternative" cars.
The possibilities in advancing our psi capabilities—telepathy, remote viewing, intuition.
Looking at the Milky Way.

ShannonMoira said...

Wow, Roma...those are all great! Especially moving away from organized religion and toward spirituality. I agree with you there, completely.

Advances in the cure for several diseases, such as cancer, AIDS, neurological diseases etc.

A widespread awareness about keeping everything green and trying to be better citizens of our planet.

An existence where racism is only a distant memory in our history books.

Roma said...

I'm optimistic about race relations improving, too, Shannon. I had forgotten about that.

I am hopeful that we, as a country, will have more forthright discussions about the past/present/future relationship between Caucasians and Native Americans, Blacks, Latinos (and everything in between) instead of just hoping that we don't have to discuss racism because we elected a biracial president.

Now seems like the perfect time to move forward on race relations.