Sunday, July 26, 2009

Question #10

In what ways are you creative?


Roma said...

I'm creative in the way that I live my life by creating my experiences every moment. I choose, or create, what I want to do and experience every day based on what would bring me joy in that moment.

anno said...

I'm crafty but not really creative in an artsy way. My most creative thing is the way I think. I'm really good at looking at things from a variety of angles and coming up with alternative solutions to problems.

I'm a little bit creative in the kitchen, too.

Roma said...

I'm not creative in any artsy way, either. I'm a good copy-cat—I'm not original.

I am original, though, in the way I create my life, and my day-to-day experiences...through the way I think and the choices I make.

Your thoughts are always a great contribution, Annette.